Instabilidade Patelar do Joelho

  • O que é uma Instabilidade Patelar do Joelho?

    The Patella is the technical term for the knee bone. The muscles of the thigh, front of your upper leg, come together and attach to a large tendon called the Patellar tendon. The Patellar Tendon passes over the Patella bone, which gives your leg muscles leverage for walking and kicking. The movement of the tendon up and down as the thigh muscles contract and relax, is called “Tracking”.

  • Sintomas de uma Instabilidade Patelar do Joelho

    Proper Patellar Tracking has no symptoms. If the Patellar Tendon goes off the normal track, it can cause knee pain or weakness in the thigh muscles such as difficulty walking upstairs or running.

  • Causas de uma Instabilidade Patelar do Joelho

    This is a common phenomenon among athletes who do a lot of twisting and turning on their feet at high speeds. This puts tremendous pressure on the thigh muscles and the patellar ligament. Too much twisting can cause the ligament to slip off track. Sometimes, simply getting out the car and twisting your knee can cause this problem.
  • Como nós tratamos uma Instabilidade Patelar do Joelho

    This is typically not too complicated to treat. Some people have had this issue for several years and done nothing about it. This is more difficulty to treat. A recent injury or twist of the knee can be realigned very quickly using special orthopaedic techniques.