Inclinação Pélvica

  • O que é Inclinação Pélvica?

    When looking at a person from the side, you can see the Pelvis that consists of the Iliac bones and the Sacrum. When the Sacral bone appears to be higher than “normal” or the low back appears arched (hyper-lordosis), this is considered a Pelvic Tilt.

  • Sintomas de Inclinação Pélvica

    Often, there are no symptoms, but localized Low Back Pain is the most common.

  • Causas de Inclinação Pélvica

    Pelvic Tilt can be very common among certain races, especially African descent. It can also be caused by prolonged hyperextension of the low back such as with power lifters (people who lift very heavy weight as a competitive sport), ballet dancers. Another common cause is muscle imbalance, when you have very strong or tight back muscles and very week or flabby abdominal muscles. The back muscles cause a hyper-lordotic lumbar curve and pull the sacrum up which causes the anterior pelvis to tilt down.
  • Como nós tratamos de Inclinação Pélvica

    Proper correction and alignment of the lumbar and pelvic bones is essential. In addition, we will teach you a set of specific exercises to do at home or throughout the day that will strengthen your abdominal muscles and stretch your low back muscles in an attempt to restore balance in the front and back of the lower spine.