Síndrome do Piriforme

  • O que é Síndrome do Piriforme?

    The Piriformis is muscle deep in your gluteus muscles that helps the hip joint and foot to rotate outwardly (external rotation). A spasm of this muscle can put pressure on the Sciatic Nerve and cause “Sciatica”. It is a “syndrome” because the muscle spasm also effects the joint movement and surrounding soft tissues.

  • Sintomas de Síndrome do Piriforme

    Localized pain in the deep gluteal muscles when the doctor of therapist puts pressure over the area with their fingers or an instrument. Severe cases cause pain that travels partially or fully along the Sciatic Nerve pathway from the gluteal muscles to the foot.

  • Causas de Síndrome do Piriforme

    Improper alignment of the spine, pelvis or hips can lead to a pyriformis syndrome. Typically caused by improper sitting for too long or lifting something heavy. It can also be caused by running or playing sports or even a blunt physical trauma to the area from a fall.
  • Como nós tratamos de Síndrome do Piriforme

    We make sure the spine, pelvis and hips are properly aligned and functioning since it is the nerves of the spine that control the Piriformis. We then perform myofascial treatments (treatments of the muscles and tendons) of the piriformis to restore function, reduce swelling and reduce the pain.