Tensão Lombar

  • O que é Tensão Lombar?

    (See Strain or Sprain in another section) Lumbar Strain is referring to the over-stretching of the muscles, ligaments and tendons in the lumbar region.

  • Sintomas de Tensão Lombar

    Most common symptom is Low Back Pain with movements. The pain is typically localized to the back region and does not radiate to your glutes or legs. You can often experience heat and swelling in the region of the strain.

  • Causas de Tensão Lombar

    Poor posture when sitting is a common cause, for example, slouching on the couch or in your chair at work. Most common cause of strain is from lifting something heavy or pulling on something heavy incorrectly and putting all the force into your low back. Other causes are twisting forces from lifting heavy objects, playing sports or working in the garden. All of the above possible causes can lead to a misalignment of the Lumbar Vertebrae which can make the Lumbar spine susceptible to sprain or strain.
  • Como nós tratamos de Tensão Lombar

    A full evaluation must be performed to determine the proper diagnosis. If the problem is purely “soft tissue” meaning muscles, tendons or ligaments, we recommend the use of ICE for at least the first 5 days, 2-3 times per day. This helps to prevent or reduce the possible swelling associated with a strain and speed up recovery. We make sure that the spine is aligned and that the soft tissues are functioning correctly. To do so, we use our safe, comfortable and painless techniques to help your body to fully recover. Depending on the severity, the healing process can take between 2 to 8 weeks.