Bursite no Ombro

  • O que é uma Bursite no Ombro?

    The shoulder joint is a very complex joint that involves several muscles, ligaments and tendons. We have little liquid filled sacks in our bodies that tendons (the white tissue that attaches muscles to bones) slide over. Inflammation of that sack is known as “Bursitis”.

  • Sintomas de uma Bursite no Ombro

    Severe pain and partial or complete loss of shoulder movement. Heat and swelling can sometimes be felt over the shoulder area.

  • Causas de uma Bursite no Ombro

    Acute injury from falls, lifting, or sports as well as chronic injuries caused by repetitive movements such as sports, factory work, painting walls or ceilings and even chronic stress. Spinal alignment is always a factor to consider. Most commonly, there is a small misalignment of the shoulder joint, known as a subluxation, that is causing the tendon to stretch tightly over the fluid sack or bursa.

  • Como nós tratamos de uma Bursite no Ombro

    The shoulder must be fully examined. If a misalignment of the shoulder joint is determined, it must be “adjusted” using a special technique that helps to put the joint in its proper position. This often results in instant relief of pain. The swelling should be treated with ice in most cases for at least the first 5 days of onset, though some specialists prefer heat to increase blood circulation in the area. We then treat the entire shoulder region to make sure there is proper function and alignment, as well proper alignment and function of the Cervical spine which supplies the nerve energy to the shoulder.