Entorse da Clavícula

  • O que é uma Entorse da Clavícula?

    A “sprain” is when your stretch the fibres of a ligament, muscle or tendon beyond their normal anatomical limits. The fibres can become swollen. The Clavicle is the bone you can see and feel between your lower neck and upper chest that is connected to your sternum (breast bone) and your shoulder. It serves as an attachment site for neck, chest and shoulder tendons and muscles. One or both clavicular joints can be sprained.
  • Sintomas de uma Entorse da Clavícula

    Pain with certain movements such as lifting your arm or moving your shoulder are the primary symptoms of a clavicular sprain.

  • Causas de uma Entorse da Clavícula

    Some causes may include slip and falls on an extended arm, over stretching your shoulder, lifting heavy weights over your head or performing a chest press, push-ups, construction work, shovelling or any other heavy or repetitive movements that involve the shoulder and chest muscles. Blunt trauma to the chest or shoulder area such as a tackle, being struck by a fast moving or heavy object may also be a cause.

  • Como nós tratamos uma Entorse da Clavícula

    Proper diagnoses must first be performed. In addition, an X Ray may reveal any misalignment of the joints. Your doctor can feel for any misalignments of 1. Acromioclavicular (shoulder and Clavicle) or 2. Sternoclavicular (sternum and Clavicle). We can realign the joint using our methods and technology. A severe sprain should be immobilized using a sling for at least a week to avoid stretching the injured area. Ice is a great way to reduce any pain and swelling in the joint and helps the healing process.