Pulso Túnnel Cárpico

  • O que é Túnnel Cárpico do Pulso?

    The Carpal Tunnel is the name used to describe where the tendons of the lower arm muscles pass through the wrist bones (carpals).   A problem in the area is commonly referred to as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  The nerves that go to your hand that transmit the sensations of touch, heat, cold and pressure also pass through this tunnel. 

  • Sintomas de Túnnel Cárpico do Pulso

    Pain in the wrist, electric shock sensations, loss of grip strength are some of the symptoms of possible carpal tunnel syndrome.

  • A causa de Túnnel Cárpico do Pulso

    Repetitive movements such as typing, factory work, using a hammer or vibrational forces can contribute to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. When the inflammation is chronic for several months or years, scar tissue begins to form around the tendons that slide through the carpal tunnel. This scar tissue decreases the space in the tunnel and puts pressure on the nerves which causes the symptoms. Improper cervical spine function can be a contributing factor to CTS.
  • Como nós tratamos Túnnel Cárpico do Pulso

    We use our techniques and technology protocols specifically designed for carpal tunnel syndrome. We make sure the carpal bones are aligned correctly and the wrist has proper mobility, we also restore proper tone and function to the lower arm muscles. The cervical spine must be evaluated and treated because it provides the nerve supply that flows through the carpal tunnel.