Dores no Maxilar

  • Sintomas

    Clicking, popping of the jaw that is frequently painful when chewing or opening your mouth widely.
  • Causa

    Poor posture, especially FHP (Forward Head Carriage) causes constant muscular stress and tension in the jaw muscles and neck. This can lead to misalignments of the hinge like joint that connects the jaw bone to your skull which can lead to early degeneration of the cartilage of those joints. Other causes are malformation of the jaw as well as grinding of the teeth (bruxism).
  • Como tratamos

    Addressing the cause if the most effective way to treat TMJ conditions. Correcting posture and treating the malfunctioning joint and painful muscles typically brings relief in very few sessions. Specialists Dental surgeons often recommend patients use a “splint” at nigh which is a plastic device that goes between your teeth at night that helps the jaw muscles to relax and reduce grinding. If the TMJ has become degenerated, surgical intervention may be needs.