Pé Supinado

  • O que é Pé Supinado?

    This is when your ankles bend outward or sideways(laterally) and your feet turn inward (medially)

  • Sintomas de Pé Supinado

    Often, there are no symptoms for many years. Such a foot presentation causes stress on the ankles and knees and can cause pain in both areas. It also effects the mechanics of how a person walks, and can lead to back problems.

  • Causas de Pé Supinado

    An imbalance of the lower leg muscles, with too much tension on the inside muscles that turn the foot inward and lack of strength in the muscles that turn the foot outward. Improper foot bone alignment and function can also be a cause.
  • Como nós tratamos um Pé Supinado

    The foot and ankle bones must be properly aligned and functioning correctly. The muscles of the lower legs must be treated to restore balance and special exercises must be performed daily by the patient. Special orthotics are recommended to ensure proper foot bone alignment.