Lesão do Músculo Adutor Magno

  • O que é uma Lesão do Músculo Adutor Magno?

    The “Adductor” muscles are the muscles of your inner thigh that attach from your pubic bone to your inner knee, that perform the movement of closing your legs, crossing your legs, swinging your knee and leg from one side to the other across the front of your body such as kicking a football with the inside of your foot. An Adductor Strain is when you stretch the muscles and tendons of the Adductor muscle beyond their normal anatomical limit.

  • Sintomas de uma Lesão do Músculo Adutor Magno

    Pain in your inner thigh can be a sign of adductor strain. The muscles of the inner thigh can also be very tender or painful to the touch, especially harder pressure over the area. A severe strain can cause swelling in the area.

  • Causas de uma Lesão do Músculo Adutor Magno

    Kicking a foot ball too hard, falling with one leg behind you or squeezing your knees to hard together as with certain exercises. Having week thigh and adductor muscles combines with having too much weight can cause a chronic adductor strain.
  • Como nós tratamos uma Lesão do Músculo Adutor Magno

    The area must be evaluated and properly diagnosed. It is important to be sure the pelvis, hips and knees are aligned correctly. We treat the muscle itself using very specific techniques to relax and reset the proper muscle tone and reduce the pain as well is increase blood circulation to the tendons. When the function returns, the pain typically goes away very quickly. Muscle strains of any kind can take from 6-8 weeks to heal.