Osteoartrose da Anca

  • O que é Osteoartrose da Anca?

    There are a few types of Arthritis. Osteo-Arthritis (OA) is when the bones of the hip joint start to deform, and the ligaments and tendons attached start to collect Calcium due to chronic inflammation. This chronic inflammation speeds up the degenerative process. Another type is Rheumatoid Arthritis(RA), which is also inflammation of the joint but in the cartilage that provides the smooth motion and lubrification of the joint. It starts to eat away at the joint surface. Both types of arthritis are very painful.

  • Sintomas de Osteoartrose da Anca

    Pain in the hip joint when standing, walking, using stairs etc. Osteoarthritis is usually accompanied with muscle spasms around the hip and may cause a generalized hip pain over a wide area and sometimes, pain into the groin. Rheumatoid arthritis, when severe, causes strong localized pain in the joint and the patient has great difficulty putting any weight on the leg. There could also be palpable swelling and redness in the area. Diagnosis and differentiation are done using X Ray and Blood Analysis.

  • Causas de Osteoartrose da Anca

    Osteoarthritis is caused by chronic misalignment of the hip joint and muscle imbalance of the hip muscles. The improper alignment causes chronic inflammation of the muscles, ligaments and tendons which leads to the arthritic changes to the bone and those soft tissues. Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is in the family of “auto-immune” diseases. For some reason, the body starts to attack it’s own cartilage cells and literally sees those cells as foreign bodies and starts eating them. This causes the joint to degenerate quickly. It is believed that RA is a reaction to certain foods in the diet causing the auto-immune disease.
  • Como nós tratamos de Osteoartrose da Anca

    OA is treated by restoring proper alignment of the joint and function of the muscles around the joint. RA is first treated through an elimination diet to see of the symptoms improve. (most common contributor to RA symptoms is Sugar in the form of pure sugar, bread, soft drinks and lack of some nutrients) We give nutritional advice and treat the spine and joints of the body to assure proper function. RA patients can be and are frequently in severe full body pain and suffering. The change in diet for most patients demonstrates a decrease in symptoms.