Articulação Sacroilíaca

  • O que é a Articulação Sacroilíaca da Anca?

    The SI joint is the Sacroiliac Joint. It is where the Iliac Bone and the Sacral Bone connect with a very strong fibrous ligament. The movement is normally very limited due to the strength of the ligament. Injury to the joint can cause it to “open” or separate more than normal.

  • Sintomas de disfunção da Articulação Sacroilíaca

    Some symptoms are pain in the local area of the joint. Sometimes, you may find it difficult to stay sitting correctly and find yourself leaning your body weight more on one side than the other. In severe cases, it is very difficult and painful to walk.

  • Causas de disfunção da Articulação Sacroilíaca

    Slips and falls on your back side, lifting heavy objects or sitting improperly can cause the joint to open. The space that occurs as a result of the opening becomes swollen or filled with liquid which causes more pain.
  • Como nós tratamos de disfunção da Articulação Sacroilíaca

    The SI joint must be fully evaluated then properly aligned using a variety of techniques. Ice is a very important part of the healing process, 2-3 times per day 15-20 minutes each time (this can be done at home). DO NOT PUT HEAT OVER THE AREA! Sometimes a special “SI Belt” can be used for a week or two to help stabilize the joint during the healing process. Patients often feel immediate relief with the belt.