Coluna Lombar

  • O que é a Coluna Lombar?

    The Lumbar is the name of the 5 big vertebrae in your low back which support your upper body weight.

  • Porque é importante a saúde da Coluna Lombar?

    The nerves from your spinal cord at the level of the Lumbar Spine control all the muscles in your legs and feet, as well as your sexual organs, uterus, bladder, prostate, colon and large intestine. Any problems with your Lumbar region can cause health problems with one or more of that areas listed above.

  • Possíveis problemas com a Coluna Lombar

    Most common issue is Low Back Pain, Sciatic Pain. More severe problems may include; Loss of Bowel and Bladder control, incontinence, impotence, bowel and colon conditions, loss of strength in your legs, muscle atrophy, numbness, tingling or irritation in the legs or feet caused by (see Disc Herniations or Disc Bulging).
  • Como prevenir problemas da Coluna Lombar

    Proper posture and spinal alignment are the best preventive measures in combination with proper exercises, proper lifting techniques and regular stretching.
  • Como nós ajudamos a manter a saúde da Coluna Lombar

    Our focus is the restauration of proper function and alignment of the Lumbar spinal segments using a variety of proven techniques and strategies. This helps to keep the joint healthy and helps an unhealthy joint to recover more quickly. We will also teach you proper posture habits, exercises and nutrition that will help you to maintain a healthy Lumbar spine.