• O que é Osteoporose?

    Osteoporosis is a loss of Calcium in your bones. Calcium is a mineral that comes from the foods we eat.

  • Sintomas de Osteoporose

    There are no sensory symptoms such as pain associated with osteoporosis unless a bone fractures (typically a hip or vertebrae), which is common among severe osteoporotic patients.

  • Causas de Osteoporose

    The primary cause of osteoporosis is a lack of physical activity. Our bones need the physical stress of gravity and the pulling forces of our muscles, ligaments and tendons to maintain healthy and strong bones. Post-menopausal women have lower levels of oestrogen (estrogen) in their blood which contributes to the loss of bone calcium. Combine that with a lack of physical exercise and you have a recipe for advanced osteoporosis that gets worse with age. Maintaining physical activity and eating the proper calcium rich foods will help to slow down the process.
  • Como nós ajudamos quem tem Osteoporose

    We don’t treat osteoporosis, though we do treat hundreds of patients who do suffer with it. We provide nutritional advice and exercise advice that typically contributes to strengthening the bones. Patients with osteoporosis, very frequently suffer from arthritic changes to their spines, and that is what we treat.