Faceta Articular da Coluna

  • O que é a Faceta Articular da Coluna?

    The Facet Joints are the joints behind the vertebra bone that connect the vertebra above and below. These joints allow for the vertebrae to slide on each other when bending the spine forward or backward. The joint surface has a cartilage on it that allows for smooth movement and produces a lubricant known a synovial fluid. There is a joint capsule, a strong ligament that holds the fluid and protects the joint, around every facet joint.

  • Porque é importante a Faceta Articular da Coluna?

    The vertebrae require movement to remain healthy and lubricated. This joint will remain healthy as long as each of the vertebrae are moving freely and aligned correctly. Loss of this movement is the beginning of a disease called “DJD”.

  • Possíveis problemas coma a Faceta Articular

    DJD is Degenerative Joint Disease. This is caused by loss of joint function and movement. The loss of movement results in the joints inability to produce lubrication which over time leads to arthritic changes to the joint. Such changes can be the source of neck pain and loss of movement in the neck, low back and the dorsal spine.
  • Prevenção de problemas da Faceta Articular

    Proper posture is the primary way to prevent DJD of the facet joints. Regular exercise, proper stretching and frequent movement of the joints will prevent problems. We also need to drink at least one litre of water throughout the day as these joints require water to remain healthy. People who don’t drink enough water each day and who drink beverages such as tea, coffee or soda, which remove water from our bodies, typically suffer from early DJD and severe DJD as they get older.
  • Como manter a Faceta Articular da Coluna saudável?

    If a facet joint is “stuck” and not moving, a specially trained expert must evaluate, diagnose and treat the joint accordingly. We use specialized equipment to evaluate and a variety of techniques to treat the facet joints to restore them to normal function and alignment. We also make special diet recommendations and show you healthy daily habits that will help you to keep your joints health.