Decompressão de Disco

  • O que é a Decompressão de Disco?

    Disc Decompression is a method used to take pressure off the spinal discs. This can be done mechanically using a special decompression machine or surgically by removing a piece of disc material. Mechanical spinal decompression is a safe, gentle, non-surgical method to help heal and reduce discal hernias and restore the health of several spinal joints at the same time. By tractioning the spine and relaxing, a pumping action occurs which helps to bring healing nutrients into the unhealthy disc and joints.

  • Como nós efectuamos uma Decompressão de Disco

    We have a specialized and comfortable method of disc and spinal decompression. The patient lies on padded table and secured using special belts which are connected to a pully that is specifically calibrated by the doctor to their body weight. The machine gently and slowly tractions the spine (neck or low back) depending on the area that needs treatment. The patient only feels a very slight tractioning force that lasts for about 5-10 seconds and relaxes. The sessions last between 15-20 minutes depending on the severity of the herniated or injured disc. Typically, a patient will require between 10 and 20 sessions spread out over a six to eight week period , again, depending on severity.
    Research and scientific studies have demonstrated an 85% success rate at avoiding surgery using this method. Unfortunately, some cases will indeed need surgical intervention if there is too much damage.