Epicondilite Medial (cotovelo de golfista)

  • O que é uma Epicondilite Medial (cotovelo de golfista)?

    A condyle is the attachment site for a tendon which is connected to a muscle. An “…itis” is the indication of inflammation. Swelling and or inflammation of one or more of these attachment sites, in the case of the elbow is known as epicondylitis, literally meaning, swelling in the region of the elbow condyle.

  • Sintomas de uma Epicondilite Medial

    Pin-point pain at the tendon attachment site, in some cases one could feel heat and see redness or swelling over the area.

  • Causas de uma Epicondilite Medial

    Repetitive movements and over-use of a muscles such as typing, using a computer mouse, playing racket sports, golf, factory work, using a hammer and many other examples. Such over-use of the muscle’s causes shortening of the muscle fibres and chronic tension upon the tendon at the attachment site. Another cause can be acute blunt trauma to the area caused by an accident or fall or chronic habits such as resting your elbows on the desk for long hours while you work

  • Como nós tratamos uma Epicondilite Medial

    The exact location of the inflammation must first be determined. We use special techniques to specifically treat the associated muscles and tendon involved. Home care should include the use of ice for 20-minute sessions with at least 2 hour intervals between application. Massaging and stretching the muscles that connect to the tendon can bring relief rather quickly. Sometimes, a more intense mechanical treatment is needed and or, anti-inflammatory gels to relieve localized pain and swelling.