Tendinopatia da Coifa dos Rotadores (Ombro)

  • O que é uma Tendinopatia da Coifa dos Rotadores (Ombro)?

    Tendonitis in general is simply inflammation of a tendon. The Infraspinatus is the name of one of the Rotator Cuff muscles (see rotator cuff) in the shoulder.

  • Sintomas de uma Tendinopatia da Coifa dos Rotadores

    Shoulder pain and difficulty reaching behind or pulling open a door as an example. Often, any shoulder movement can cause some pain in the area.

  • Causas de uma Tendinopatia da Coifa dos Rotadores

    Typically caused by a fall, an injury from lifting, pulling too hard, sports activities, twisting your shoulder in an unnatural way and sometimes, just sleeping on your side on a hard mattress. Chronic stress and tension or even working at the computer with poor posture can lead to Infraspinatus Tendonitis.

  • Como nós tratamos uma Tendinopatia da Coifa dos Rotadores

    As always, a thorough examination will be performed to determine the diagnoses. We use our specialized, computer assisted treatment technology and protocols to restore normal function. Deep, dynamic massage and ice can be used to decrease swelling of the area and relieve associated muscle spasms that contribute to the tendonitis. Function of the shoulder must be restored for the area to heal correctly. Anti-inflammatory or pain reliving gels can help by providing temporary relief during the healing process.