Tendinite de Aquiles

  • O que é Tendinite de Aquiles?

    The Achilles Tendon is the strong, band like tendon that connects the calf muscle (Gastrocnemius) to your heel bone (Calcaneus). When that tendon becomes inflamed, it is called a Tendonitis. “…itis” following a word, simply means…inflammation.
  • Quais os Sintomas de Tendinite de Aquiles?

    Strong pain in the heel bone or the back of your lower leg. Sometimes there is heat and swelling in the area. Pain upon walking or trying to stand on your toes (Plantar Flexion). The pain can be described as a burning sensation, a taring sensation or sharp pain in the heel.
  • Qual é a causa de Tendinite de Aquiles?

    Common among athletes, Achilles Tendonitis is caused by running, jumping, lifting heavy objects using your calf muscles etc. Walking in high heels can also be a cause or using poor fitting shoes and walking long distances. A blunt trauma to the tendon such as striking your heel on the ground too hard can also cause injury and resulting inflammation. Sometimes, the heel bone becomes misaligned from one of the above causes and the Achilles tendon does not track correctly thus causing swelling and pain.
  • Como nós tratamos Tendinite de Aquiles

    We always look for proper ankle and foot bone alignment. The swelling is best treated with ice. 15-20 minutes, 2-3 times per day. Special techniques help to restore blood flow to the tendon and speed up the healing process.