Trauma de "chicote"

  • O que é trauma de "chicote"?

    Whiplash is injury to the muscles, ligaments and tendons of the neck, typically caused by a sudden acceleration and deceleration of the head. This sudden movement causes taring of those soft tissues which leads to dysfunction, scar tissue formation and misalignment of the spinal vertebrae.
  • Quais são os sintomas de trauma de "chicote"?

    Frequently severe pain in the neck muscles that were injured in the front, back or side of the neck. Often, there are severe muscle spasms as a protective mechanism and the person is unable to move their head, this is known as a Torticollis. (twisted spine or stiff neck)
  • Qual a causa de trauma de "chicote"

    The most common cause are automobile accidents. Typically, being struck from behind when stopped at a light. Your head “whips” backward and forward very violently and quickly. Other causes are falls, full contact sports and recreational activities such as amusement parks with roller coasters and spinning rides. Children are most susceptible as their little necks are very fragile. Just throwing your child in the air and catching them can injure their necks.
  • Como nós tratamos trauma de "chicote"

    Firstly, the patient must be correctly evaluated to be sure there are not complete tares of the soft tissues. The muscle spasms must be addressed with a variety of treatments, including ice, massage and sometimes anti-inflammatory medications. Most importantly, the alignment of the spinal vertebrae must be corrected to allow for proper healing with a decrease in traumatic scar tissue formation. Post-whiplash treatment and healing is a six to eight week process minimally.