Dr. Andrew P. Hatch

CEO, Founder, Clinical Director
Dr. Andrew P. Hatch is the Clinical Operations Director at Global Wellness Centres, based in Lisbon Portugal. He has been serving the Portuguese public since 1994 and has had the privilege of treating over 20 thousand patients in that time. He is also the Director of Research and Training for MSK-Health, Dallas Texas, offering a highly efficient, cost effective approach to MSD related productivity losses, absenteeism and direct costs, using the On-Site MSD clinic approach.

Dr. Hatch is a U.S. Board Certified and Licensed Chiropractic Physician and has been in clinical practice since 1993, specializing in Functional Neurology, Neuro-Musculoskeletal Re-education, Posture Correction and Non-surgical spinal decompression, helping thousands of patients to avoid spinal surgery and reduce dependency on pain medications

His passion is providing treatment and preventive education for musculoskeletal disorders for families and employees in the workplace. Dr. Hatch and his team travel Europe and North America teaching and expanding the On-Site corporate wellness model. He is an expert in corporate Wellness and work related MSDs. Lecturing on MSDs (MSKs) as the missing link for a successful workplace wellness strategy.

Dr. Hatch is performing ongoing, post-doctorate research projects on the impact of MSDs in employee performance and wellbeing with a focus on improving productivity, decreasing presenteeism, employee job satisfaction and cost containment strategies for corporations and governments.